Tulsi Pujan Diwas 2023: Rituals & significance of this Pooja


Tulsi Pujan: Today we will learn how to worship Tulsi Maharani at home, when and how to break her leaves, what rules to follow in Tulsi Seva, what to do, what not to do.

Importance of Tulsi

Tulsi Maharani is definitely present in the form of a plant in the house of every Vaishnav devotee. Tulsi Puja. Serving Tulsi is an integral part of our spiritual life. Tulsi Maharani was called Krishna Bhakti Pradaya because by the mantra of serving Tulsi Maharani, we attain Krishna Bhakti. All parts of Tulsi Maharani, its roots, leaves, twigs, flowers and even the soil around them are considered very sacred. By circling them with the mantra, all our sins, even murder, are destroyed. Tulsi Maharani Lord Krishna is very dear to Lord Krishna. You must have seen that the devotees wear Tulsi Maharani’s garland and chant on Tulsi’s garland and moreover, they offer Tulsi’s garland to God. If Tulsi leaves are not kept in any offering, then God does not offer it. Now let us know what is the method of worshiping Tulsi Maharani at home.

How to perform Tulsi Pujan Aarti at home?

Now let us know what is the method of worshiping Tulsi Maharani at home. Use a seat to stand. Place Tulsi Maharani on a stall or a stand is enough. First of all, we will salute Tulsi Maharani by reciting this mantra thrice.

(ओम) वृंदायै तुलसी-देव्यै प्रियायै केशवस्य च 
विष्णु-भक्ति-प्रदे देवी सत्यवत्यै नमो नमः

Tusi Maharani Ki Jai, we need three incense sticks, one lamp, some flowers to clean our hands, purify our hands with pure water, then purify the incense stick also, after that hold the incense stick in the right hand and the other hand. Now hold the bell and purify your hands again.
Light a lamp and offer a lamp to Tulsi Maharani, offer flowers to Tulsi Maharani while rotating the lamp and then offer water to Tulsi Maharani thrice and circumambulate her thrice.

श्री तुलसी-आरती

नमो नमः तुलसी कृष्ण-प्रेयसी नमो नमः
राधा-कृष्ण-सेवा पाबो एइ अभिलाषी

ये तोमार शरण लोय, तारा वंच पूर्ण होय
कृपा कोरी’ कोरो तारे वृन्दावन-वासी

मोरा ए अभिलाषा, विलासा कुंजे दियो वासा
नयना हेरिबो सदा युगल-रूप-रसी

ई निवेदन धरा, सखिरा अनुगत कोरो
सेवा-अधिकारा दिए कोरो निज दासी
दीना कृष्ण-दसे कोय, एई येना मोरा होय
श्री-राधा-गोविंदा-प्रेम सदा येना भासी

If you want, this bhajan is very easy, you can go by memorizing it, otherwise you can also play it on your mobile and finally end by saluting Tulsi Maharani by chanting the mantra of Tulsi Maharani three times again.

यानि कानि च पापानि ब्रह्महत्यादिकानि च
तानि तानि प्राणस्यन्ति प्रदक्षिणः पदे पदे

What to do and what not to do?

Let us now understand what things we should take special care of while serving Tulsi Maharani. Firstly, the best time to perform Tulsi Maharani Aarti is after Shubham Mangal Aarti or in the evening before Sandhya Aarti. You can do it in the morning or evening. You can do Tulsi Maharani Aarti as per your convenience. Secondly, try to keep two plants in Tulsi Maharani’s house, keep one plant near the Lord in the temple of the Lord and keep the other plant outside in the garden or near the window where sunlight comes. Is there or fresh air keeps coming in, stays there and you can exchange these two plants in Roshan? Third, Tulsi grows only on the lotus feet of Queen Lord Vishnu, like Lord Krishna, Lord Narayan, Lord Rama, Lord Narasimha Dev etc. The queen never worshiped the feet of the Guru or Radha Rani. Take special care of this. Take such a beautiful cloth for Tulsi Rani and put a thread in it and wear it in such a way that it looks more beautiful and attractive. Never disturb Tulsi Maharani after sunset on the fifth night. If you ever want to take a Tulsi leaf to serve God or offer it to Him, then pluck it before sunset. Always break the basil before breaking the stomach. While plucking basil leaves, bow to the queen and seek her permission. Take special care not to uproot the entire basil plant just for the sake of one stomach. Pluck a basil leaf carefully and slowly. Chhath Tulsi queen should never be cut or broken indiscriminately. See their dreams. Do not do this. If the situation is such that Tulsi Maharani has become very damaged, then you can tie it with a rope and bring it near the plant. If unfortunately the Tulsi Maharani plant has completely dried up, you can take it out along with the roots and plant it in the Katha Bhoomi. Or you can dry the Tulsi plant and pour it into water and also use it as Prasad in the love yagya of Lord Vishnu or Narasimha. Sattva Tinsiki Manjari which is like Tulsi and is like a Tulsi flower. You can cut them and offer them to God or use them to make new Tulsi Maharani. Eighth, take special care that your bath soap never contains basil. We never take proper care of things and while doing so we are committing a huge crime, so never make news of soaps in which Tulsi is used as an ingredient because the soaps we use are on our feet. Let’s apply. If we apply it on private parts then we are told that Tulsi Maharani’s husband is a very big ass. However, such small rules have been mentioned in the service of Tulsi Maharani.

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