Top 10 highlights of 2023: Makes 2023 special


Top 10 highlights of 2023 For which, 2023 has been a very important year so far One after another, years pass, time passes, and we read in the news that progress is being made, but, where? Where is the progress? Where is the changing India? Now 2023 is about to end and I have to remind you of those things that made this year special for India, which made this country better in different fields, what has Bharat achieved this year? We need to understand this. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 highlights of 2023, which of these according to you is India’s biggest achievement? Let us know in the comments There’s a lot to cover and time is limited so let’s go!

Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 1 G20:

The biggest achievement of 2023 is the success of G20. Last year in December, when we got the presidency of G20, no one expected that India would handle it so well. The presidency of G20 is not an achievement, every country has to It meets in rotation. Before us, it was Indonesia and after us Brazil will be the chairperson of G20 but this year G20 became the people’s G20 where normally the meetings are held only in the capital of some big cities. G20 meetings Through the TWG meetings held in every state and union territory of India, that is, in Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, India kept Jammu and Kashmir as a tourist destination and by bringing international representatives here, we proved that Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India. This year the Supreme Court also upheld this decision. Removing art. 370 and said that Article 370 was a temporary provision which was necessary for India to be removed which means that we are making the integrity of our borders even stronger diplomatically and legally. This year, the New Delhi Resolution was adopted India – Central East-Europe Corridor deal got approved and India changed G20 forever by including African Union in it, now G20 will become G21 because, African Union with 1.3 billion population will now be a part of it, this is a big thing for India. It is a victory because by including Africa in this group, we made it the most important group. The G20 meetings could have been better, we made many mistakes and we have to learn from it and we also have to understand that this is how progress happens, progress. It is incomplete, only progress happens step by step, it is important to understand that progress happens. Usually we see only those incidents in the news which are of negative nature which highlight our shortcomings. But, at the end of the year we also have to focus on those things where improvements have taken place.

No. 2 Space Chandrayaan 3 Landing:

I was very sad when Chandrayaan 2 lander failed to land in 2019 but, that was not the end. The show was still not over and the show had a happy ending in 2023 when Chandrayaan 3’s mission It was achieved in just Rs 615 crores, many big countries could not do soft landing on the south pole of the Moon, only 3 countries before us have been able to achieve this feat. US, Russia and China After 25 years, Russia tried again with LUNA but they failed. This proves how difficult this mission is. Still, we became the fourth country to soft land on the moon and they are the international News organizations who used to laugh at us also started appreciating us. After this achievement, we also launched Aditya L1, details of both these missions you can see in these videos. But, moving ahead, in the month of December, ISRO achieved another milestone, they launched Chandrayaan’s propulsion module from the Moon. They launched a bonus mission to Earth’s orbit. They thought, hey, there is some fuel left, then use this fuel. ISRO is considered to be the most efficient and cost-effective space organization in the world and every day ISRO does something that makes us more proud to reach its heights.

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Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 3 International Movement of Indian Rupee:

If trade has to be settled between two countries then they have to transact in dollars, due to which the demand for dollars increases and the dominance of America also increases. Why is it like this? India asked this question to the world through BRICS and India has been trying to internationalize the rupee for the last few years, this year the news came that Indians can do transactions using UPI in the Eiffel Tower, we have made a video about this. Made, also India and UAE are planning to do bilateral trade in local currency We have signed an agreement with UAE in July, however we can settle in rupees RBI 60 banks in 18 countries US Is leading negotiations with the US due to which the trade agreement can be done through a special account in rupees, how to use dollars, the US is completely under the control of the FED through sanctions, if the US decides to do so If India takes power, it can establish its dominance over any country, the world has become alert after the Russia-Ukraine war, so India wants to internationalize. Rupee, so no other country can put pressure on us, no one can interfere in our internal affairs, our NRI community is also included in India’s growth story, foreign remittances have increased by 26% this year to about US$ 112 billion . So much money has come to India from other countries. For the last few years, India has been at the top in receiving foreign money, due to which valuable foreign exchange reserves come into our treasury, which strengthens the economy of our country.

Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 4 Fastest Growing Economies:

After COVID 19, most of the world’s economies are unable to recover In 2023, the IMF predicted that Germany will grow by 1.8%, the US by 2.1% and France by 2.5%, even China Will also increase by 2.5%. Only 3% But, he declared India as an economic bright spot, he said, India will grow at the rate of 7.2% and so it happened, in fact, the actual results were better than predicted, this year, India grew by 7.8% This trend will continue in 2024 also. IMF says, major economies of the world will grow by 1-2%, India will grow by 6.3%. The main reason for this is that in this Many people are using UPI in the month of October, we have crossed the figure of Rs 17.40 lakh crore in transactions. If this continues, by 2026 we will be able to cross 1 billion transactions per day. NPCI aims to cross 100 billion monthly transactions in the coming years. Before we go to the top 3 achievements let us remind ourselves. Don’t be overconfident Every common man among us as well as every leader, every IAS officer has to work with our heads down so that the next year is even better We don’t have to be mediocre We have to do something extraordinary in 2024, if you Want to achieve your goals then accept our 365 growth challenge it is made for you you can get its details in description and comments where in just Rs 1 per day we will tell you how to be productive every day, you You’ll learn something new every day and we’ll make you part of a community that will inspire you to achieve your goals, all for just Rs. In. 1 Everyday I guarantee you that if you accept this challenge the coming year could be the most productive year you will ever have.

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Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 5 – Surrender of UNLF:

This year Manipur was in news for a sad reason we tried to bring to you the story of our Mainpuri people through these 2 videos where we also ask some valid questions to the government but on the other hand from Manipur Also good news came, United National Liberation Front laid down its arms. It was a rebel organization which was fighting India for the last 60 years and wanted to separate Manipur from India. But, now they have signed a peace agreement with India. Through which signs of peace have increased in the North East, don’t get me wrong, all these things are not to hide the mistakes but to remember something positive at the end of the year, to have something to hope for.

No. 6 – Defence:

India’s defense exports this year were at an all-time high of Rs 15,920 crore, i.e. Rs 3000 crore more than last year. If we compare it with the defense exports of 2017, this number is 10 times more. We are exporting BrahMos missile Pinaka. Rockets and launchers, radars and armored vehicles for other countries across the world, India made Tejas aircraft and helicopters and the demand is increasing. It is a matter of pride, at the same time we also have to understand that despite so much, we are still not in the top 10. Exporters But yes, we are one of the largest arms importers. We are becoming self-reliant. But, we need to increase the pace. We need military modernization. What challenges do our armed forces face? How do they overcome these challenges and keep us safe?

Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 7 – The world is one family:

India has said many times that the world sees us as a market and we see the world as a family. We have proved this with the devastating earthquake in Turkey this year. , the tremors devastated 14 million cities, affected more than 59,000 people, and caused more than 59,000 to lose their lives. In such a situation, India launched “Operation Dost”, NDRF and Indian Army helped Turkey in relief operations. With this rescue operation, India became the first country to send its rescue team to Turkey. Along with this we also sent. Relief assistance to Gaza India’s relations with Turkey are very complex – Israel, the country that attacked Gaza, is considered a friend of India, yet India extended a helping hand. These things matter at the international level because where other countries are always political. While remembering the differences, India keeps humanity above all, it is not about how other countries treat us, India is always at the forefront when help is needed, this was highlighted.

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No. 8 – India Electrified:

This year started with a good news. 5.9 million tonnes of lithium found in Jammu and Kashmir region of India. Lithium is used to make EV batteries and these reserves meet 80% of India’s demands. Today, India imports petrol and diesel and India is dependent on other countries for this. If we talk about EV or solar panels, we are far behind China. In such a situation, finding such reserves of lithium is a boon of nature. If we can harness this power then India can meet 80% of its energy. To meet our energy needs we have to depend on Gulf countries or China or we have to burn coal to generate electricity which is not good for the environment, Lithium can definitely solve these problems, if We can use this power.

Top 10 highlights of 2023

No. 9 – India’s Oscar wins:

How can our films lag behind when it comes to winning? Do you know, most of the films are not made in Hollywood but in India. This year was very special for India’s film production industry. Bhanu Athaiya won the first Oscar for Best Costume Design in 1983. Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray was given the award by the Academy in 1992. Then in 2009. AR for Slumdog Millionaire Rahman, Gulzar and Rasool Pookutty got Oscars but, for the first time this year, an Indian production won the Oscar for “Elephant Whispers”, starring Guneet Monga and Karthik Gonsalves and RRR’s Naatu Naatu song won this prestigious Oscar award. A documentary named “All That Breathes” was also nominated for an Oscar making this year the best for Indian films.

No. 10 – Sports:

Whenever sports are discussed, we only remember about “Cricket”, but, in this video we will not talk about Cricket but about other sports like “Chess”, This year it has been organized by the brilliant chess player “Pragnananda”. This 18 year old boy made our country proud, gave a tough competition to the best chess players in the world and reached the finals, we were expecting that he would win the finals too, but tough luck in hockey, the women’s team defeated us. Gave the gift of India Moment. You must have heard about Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, winning the FIH Cup in Spain, but at the same time, our performance in the Asian Games this year has been our best ever, with 107 medals including 28 gold. And how can we forget our para-athletes? Our para-athletes won 29 gold medals and a total of 111 medals. Sheetal Devi became the first Indian woman to win two gold medals in the same Asian Games. He won a total of 3 medals in the Asian Games. She is the world’s first para-athlete. The champion who has no hands uses her legs for archery. This year she also got the Best Young Athlete of the Year award. She proved that we are no less than anyone. India did wonders in Badminton, Archery, Football India is moving forward by giving its all in every game and we are proud of it.

Top 10 highlights of 2023

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