Salaar vs Dunki Which is Best ?

Salaar vs Dunki Which is Best:

Salaar vs Dunki Which is Best : I saw Dunky And Salar Movie First Day First Show. Is it similar to Dunky or is Salaar better than that or both the movies are good or both the movies are not good? Which theater was more full and which was not? Everyone will discuss in this video. So, I watched Dunky on Thursday morning which is 100% hit film record. The director Raju Hirani is of Rajkumar Hirani. Yes, he has made blockbusters like Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots, PK in the past, so I booked the ticket two-three days in advance so that the theater does not get full but even before the movie starts, it is Shahrukh Khan’s. The accent started off a bit but then gradually you get used to it and talking about the first half, it is typical Rajkumar Hirani style music, Rajkumar Hirani style comedy and a little over the top acting which is done by using accent or as if normally. People don’t talk. Well, I am not saying that it is bad. You will enjoy it a lot. If you like this type of comedy and humor, you will not get to see non-veg comedy anywhere. So if you are going with family, then go and watch it boldly. You can, but the interval point was quite shocking and if you ask the highlight of the first half, then for the first time people will say that no, Shahrukh Khan, the highlight was Vicky Kaushal, yes, so much so that many actors do not act as much in a three-hour film. Only in the first half, Shahrukh Khan had rightly said in the interview that this is one of the best performances of Vicky Kaushal’s life. Shahrukh sir said that this is the best performance of your life. What would you like to say on that? No comments. The thought is very sweet because it is a big thing to create such a big impact in such a small role.

All the movies we were doing for so many years were released in one year, now what to do after three-four years of fans, yes, four-five people flying together, I remembered Salaar, I saw Prabhas Bhai’s Salaar, yes, we have to watch the movie, we have to enjoy the movie, Prabhas. Brother who was going through a very difficult phase with legend Adi Purush, director of Saaho and Raj Shyam and Salaar, Prashant Nee, who you might not know but he has directed a film like KGF, which is directed by KGF, yes and and There was no hype about the movie, I don’t know why these two movies were not as hyped as they should have been. It was also being said that it is connected to the KGF universe. If we compare the theatres, then both Donkey and Salaar theaters were average filled, meaning as young as they were. The public was going crazy, the theater was not that full, look, see, I will not give spoilers, I will give spoilers right at the beginning of the movie. A big credit comes in the middle of the screen. Special thanks to rocking star Yash, I have given 500 rupees there. The note was blown away and Yash Bhai did not appear in the entire movie. I waited till the post credit scene but where Rocky Bhai was, nothing else. Basically, this confirms that the movies of these two different universes are not going to be in the same universe because both Some of the actors in the movies are also the same, so those chances are over, the story is the same as we have been watching for a long time, hey he will come, the master of the whole empire is the same, your father is the same, my father is the same, he will come. DD Look, I am not saying that this thing is bad but it seems that I have seen a lot because we have already seen this thing in KGF and there it also looks good, there is a little extra here, now the pace of the movie. Talking about the first half of the movie, I found it a bit slow, brother, I felt a lot of sleep but there was a lot of build up, build up build up, the interval scene ended on a high note, then after the interval, the movie becomes slow again. Back Build Up Build Up Build Up Build Up End Movie End C I don’t hate Prabhas Prabhas is looking good Swag is looking good but where are the dialogues why didn’t Prabhas Bhai get dialogues like our Rocky Bhai got dialogues in KGF In Prashant Neel bhai, give some dialogues to Prabhas bhai also, do you know what is the main dialogue of Prabhas, his main dialogue is I am sorry friend Prabhas, give that dialogue to Prabhas, tell the audience also a little I am sorry to see the truth in the movie. So, it is not a bad thing in particular, oh man, what a bad thing they have made, but it is also not an extraordinary thing as much as the hype of this movie was that the makers of KGF were building the hype since a year ago. Yes, one or two moments, very good seconds. Whenever there is a fight between Prabhas and Prithviraj in the half, that scene is very good and there are one or two more moments but apart from that, if we talk about acting then Prabhas Prithviraj did well but Shruti Hassan Shati what are you doing man. Why, why, why, accent, why, why, end accent, this dubbing has been done, the Haryanvi accent has been added after dubbing, the Haryanvi accent is looking very bad. Had you got the dubbing done by a Haryanvi, it would have been better. Ram Ramai Sarne, today is my 75th day. Sometimes some village people have been given Marwari accent and sometimes some very bad dubbing has given me a lot of cringe, meaning the same thing happened, to show Punjabi asi tussi, everything has been put in the language and if we talk about VF one, then VF one means anywhere. I don’t know [Music] [Applause] A lot of swords come out to symbolize Kali Maa, I thought it was very good but there were no such moments, man, and if we talk about music. If you do, then how would the South Indian songs sound when they were dubbed in Hindi, they did not sound that bad, this time they were a little better but still not at par with KGF, you people will think why are you comparing it with KGF again and again because the makers do it? You call us makers, they put huge quotes from the makers of KGF, then if we compare, the world looks different and in the rest of the movies, everything looks just dirty and dirty. No, I was missing the style of Rocky Bhai. I was waiting till the end that Rocky Bhai would come but no, only those down to earth people were visible. Overall, if I say so, it is not that you cannot see. It is a torture film, if we are comparing then I am giving these points for it because KGF has a different vibe.

Salaar vs Dunki Which is Best
Salaar vs Dunki Which is Best

The music of KGF, that dha da dha dha wo music is missing, Yaar Prabhas’s music is not there, so And Again is not bad either, you guys can go and watch it, you can come back after cheering, the movie is a little big, you may feel that. Yes, just finish the end of the movie, ho ho ho, go to the high point, just when you think the climax will come, then said, this will come in part two, okay brother, okay, I did it like this, good for you, bring part two, see it yourself. And again I am saying this, it does not mean that Salaar is a disaster, it is an above average film, okay and again, I did not get the money to praise it, to call it bad, the hour does not matter to me, understand, it does not matter to me. I don’t care about making a video and giving a review, no matter whether the movie is a hit or a flop, my house is running a little, I give an honest review from the movie, but again this is my personal opinion, my style is different, sometimes my way of watching is different. If the mood is different, then always look at the review considering personal opinion. Okay, if you want to watch a movie then go and watch it. If you ask me, which one did I like better, then I liked Dunky better. Okay, I don’t know which movie earns more money. Gee, maybe Salaar becomes more hit, maybe he earns more money, but I am telling my opinion, my personal opinion and tell me in the comments how did you like it?

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