Dunki Movie Review

Dunki Movie Review:

One more of SRK’s this year’s much awaited movie after Pathan and Jawan has been released. I went early in the morning to watch the show of 6:4 in a single screen theater and even in such cold, I went there early in the morning to see SRK. There was a good crowd for ‘So how is the DUNKI movie? Let’s talk. Hirani Sahab really has the hand of some God on his head who has this level of thinking, his Munna Bhai, PK, his Three Idiots, pick up any of these movies and watch it anytime, you can laugh again and again at a single scene. You can be emotional again and again, he shows such emotions through his story and through the actors he brings out those emotions that every scene becomes a cult classic and I bet that after watching this Dunki movie you will feel that Raju Another such movie of Hirani has come which will always seem fresh whenever you watch it and will always entertain you and this movie is very different from any of his movies and has gone one level further in terms of entertainment SRK. Like Jawan and Pathan, you will not see it in an action hero but in a nostalgia kind of hero. I mean, it is not that there is no action in it, there is action too, but it is not a mass masala action and it is not of the same genre as that of Raju Hirani. He is an expert in presenting any matter in the simplest manner and here too the topic of Donkey i.e. Illegal Immigration has been presented in front of the audience in a very simple manner with light hearted comedy and heart warming emotions, especially his emotional skills. It has been created with a character that will touch you in such a way and Vicky has a small role but it was one of the best performance of Vicky and he nailed it. However, the topic of this film is actually a reality about which Many people did not have even the slightest idea about it.

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Today Raju Hirani Sir has put forward another truth through this movie with one social message which you will come to know in the end that the movie is of 2 hours 41 minutes and according to that the interval You have to spend 3 hours for this Dunki movie, where the first half of the movie keeps you engaged with humor and comedy, while the second half makes you emotional along with humor, where basically a journey has been shown, Donkey. A journey that will keep you glued to your seats, there is an eye-watering scene in the interval at the end of its first half and that emotional presentation which Raju Hirani always shows in his movies, be it Jimmy in Munna Bhai. Be it Shergil’s bed moment, Ali Fazal’s hanging moment in 3 Idiots or Vicky’s moment in this film, brother Vicky Kaushal has won hearts and all these, be they emotional or serious or comedy situations. The actors are SR’s Taapsee, Vicky Kaushal, everyone has given the best performance of their life and that court monologue scene of Shahrukh, after a long time I saw him doing such an emotional performance and my heart became happy, also every scene of this Dunki movie. The BGM and music in the film fully supports each and every scene in raising it to another level. Look, the fan verse will keep going on between SRK and Prabhas fans due to which many people are watching the unnecessary negative marketing of the movie without even watching it. We are doing it but the audience is God, brothers, you see it yourself, decide for yourself, feel it and later do tell me your reviews in the comments. Rest brothers, if we say overall then you will like Raju Sir’s Three Idiots and Munna Bhai’s cinema in this Dunki movie. You will definitely remember the style and through out you will also enjoy the movie.

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On top of that, the movie has been released in the holiday season and is completely family friendly, so brother, go and enjoy. From my side, the movie is four out of five stars for its new concept. For the direction, for its music and BGM and of course for the performance of all the actors.

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