Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar Box Office Collection

As you all know, Prabhas’s much-awaited film Salaar was released in theaters on 22nd December, for which the fans were waiting for years and now that the wait is over, the film Salaar has indeed done what could have been possible at the box office. In the year 2023, you would have never seen this before, friends, in the year 2023, many big films were released, many big openings took place, but here Salar film has done such a thing that you have never seen, if I talk about Telugu language, then friends, inside Hyderabad. Inside Bengaluru Inside Chennai Vijayawada Warangal Guntur Visakhapatnam Nizamabad The occupancy that the film has recorded today from everywhere is truly record breaking and historic. You will not find any seat vacant in any show in any cinema hall, even till you step foot. Will not get a place because today the film Salaar is creating history at the box office and in the year 2023, it is making the biggest opening which perhaps no one had ever thought, where friends, after seeing the earnings of Prabhas’s film Salaar, Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan must have lost his senses somewhere because today there were many shows which were snatched from the movie Donkey, that too because of Salar, where I am talking about Donkey tomorrow near the film, I am talking about Donkey near Jahan tomorrow. There were 1450 shows inside Delhi NCR, so today there were less than 1000 shows but this is the star name of Prabhas. Prabhas is a big superstar and as you all know, two big films of the year 2023 were huge flops like Adi Purush Radheshyam but Friends, once again Prabhas has made a complete comeback and the havoc that Salaar film has wreaked at the box office on its first day will probably always be remembered. So friends, Salaar film has completed its first day in theaters today. But friends, here I will talk about the first day box office collection of the film because today on its first day the film created history at the box office and the earning was really historical, so today on its first day you can watch the film Hindi Kannada Telugu Malayalam all. In languages, how much money did this film manage to earn from India on its first day, and what was the total collection of the film all over the world? We will talk about everything in this video, what is the condition of the film in which city, so friends, just watch this video. But friends, before that, if you consider Prabhas as a great actor, then like this video wholeheartedly and also subscribe to this channel. Friends, if we talk about the film Salaar, then as you all You may know that this film has been made under the direction of Prashant Neel and Prashant Neel had earlier made KGF Chapter One and KGF Chapter Two and this was the reason that Prabhas was a big superstar and Prashant Neel was a very good director, so that is why the film. There was a lot of wait for Salaar and the budget of the film is also not a small budget, it will have two parts and the budget of the film is more than Rs 400 crores. In the film, we have Prabhas along with Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Hassan and Jagapati Babu. Vijay is seen in the characters and the film has been produced. If I currently talk about the Salaar Box Office Collection of the film, then first of all you need to note that I am talking about Telugu language in Hyderabad.

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Salaar Box Office Collection Day 1 :

I have not added any language like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam here, I am only talking about Telugu language. Inside Hyderabad, morning occupancy was 99, afternoon occupancy was 99 and evening occupancy was also 99, maybe before the year 2023. You must have never seen such occupancy in India or before, that is, you know that the film has 1020 shows in Hyderabad and these 1020 shows are such that you will not see even a single seat vacant and this is actually the first time. Same thing happened if I talk about Bengaluru, the occupancy was more than 72 in the morning, after that the occupancy of the film in the afternoon was 74 and here in the evening the occupancy is recorded by the film, be it Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Chennai. Be it Vijayawada, it is really fantastic, so here I would say that the way the film Salaar has performed at the box office today on its first day and I was talking only about Telugu language, apart from this the occupancy in Vijayawada is 99 and in Warangal it is 97. Occupancy is 99 in Guntur, 96 in Visakhapatnam, 96 in Nizamabad, 70. Apart from this, if I talk about Delhi NCR, Telugu language, then the occupancy is 46. The film has 56 shows in Telugu language in Delhi NCR, so here I am talking only about Telugu. Apart from this, if I tell you about Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, then the video will be very long but friends, the film is getting outstanding response from everywhere, if I tell you in a little hint, then if I talk about Hindi language, then today you know. It is the second day of Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunky and today is the first day of Salaar, so Salaar film is earning as much in Hindi as Dunky is not earning that much in Hindi language on its second day, so see the craze for the film Salaar where There is no dearth of shows in Salaar, the shows of Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunky are decreasing, so if I talk about the first day Salaar Box Office Collection of the film today, then friends, perhaps you will not believe what I believed. My figures were that the gross collection of the film will be at least Rs 0 crore but today the first day is almost complete, so now if I give my final prediction for the first day, then the gross collection of the film in India today will be The gross collection will be around Rs 100 crores and will be around Rs 111 crores. Prabhas’ film Salaar is making from India which is praiseworthy in itself and has a very good collection, that is, any opening of more than Rs 100 crores is considered a big opening, so you will get 110 crores. The film is grossing Rs. crore from India and the same film will also make at least Rs. 50 crore from overseas and the world wide gross collection of the film on its first day today will be Rs. 1000 crore. Friends, this is my final prediction and it is possible that it will be Rs. Even if it goes above 100 crores or even up to 170 crores, I guarantee that it will not come down because the craze we are seeing for the film in all languages is really next level and the way the film has received praises. If it has got positivity, then this film is not going to stop now and it is salaar collection going to earn at least more than Rs 1000 crore in its life time. But friends, do tell in the comments how did you like the film.

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