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Indian government is preparing to shock Maldives!

Indian government is preparing to shock Maldives

Indian government is preparing to shock Maldives


The country which has been trying to show India to show India for the last few months. Ever since the change of power in Maldives Maldives, its new President Mohamed Muizzu has been pressurizing India to recall his soldiers. Maldives of the Islands is the neighbor of India and is now going close to China, but now India’s PM Narendra Modi has made such a cut that which can create a lot of trouble for the Maldives, in fact, Modi recently recently recently for two days. Apart from the rest of his programs, PM Modi posted his pictures on social media while taking a walk on the banks of Lakshadweep, while taking a walk on the banks of the sea or among the waves of the sea, posted his pictures on social media as well as indicated that how much Lakshadweep A big tourist destination may be PM Modi’s gesture directly can cause trouble for the Maldives because tourists coming from India have a special role in the economy of Maldives, in fact, the beaches of Maldives are very famous all over the world for their beauty. It is a big blessing of Maldives’s earnings. In the year 2018, India was the fifth biggest source in terms of tourists for Maldives. India reached second place in 2019. A total of 17030 tourists from India reached Maldives. When we arrived, when it was more and talk about the year 2021 here and talk about 2022, then India also topped the top with 291000 and 21000 tourists in the year 2023. By June, 1 lakh people had reached Maldives by June 2023, the same India The beaches of Lakshadweep have the same beauty and Modi has also brought it to the world through his pictures, now it is believed that connectivity will be improved soon for Lakshadweep and many hotels will be opened. India tourists will get to see natural beauty like Maldives in India too, it will be like a big shock for Maldives, now the question is that why India is going to shock its neighboring country Maldives, in fact, Maldives is a strong friend of India but After Mohichu became the President, his government is constantly taking such decisions, which are indicating Maldives to move away from India and get close to China. He has not yet come on a visit to India, whereas earlier, every President of Maldev has come to India on his first foreign trip to the elected President of Maldev, now if the plan of Muju’s visit to China will be finalized, then he should visit China before India. The first President of Maldives will become the first President of Maldives, Mju has first visited Turkey instead of India. The visiting Moju recently broke a major maritime agreement with India, before he asked India to remove its soldiers posted in Maldives. Actually, the government of Moju had decided. That the agreement to conduct the regional Jalga hydrographic survey of Maldives would not be renewed. The agreement was reached on 8 June 2019 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Maldives on the invitation of the then President Ibrahim Mohammad Soliha. This was the second important decision of President Moju about India in recent times.

First Pale Moju had said that the Government of India had asked Maldives to recall his soldiers, it was an issue for them from the time of campaigning, this issue was discussed on the occasion of the COP summit in Dubai, where Mohichu said there. Was met Prime Minister Modi, in fact, Moju is considered a supporter of China and he won his election on the slogan of opposition to India, Mohamed Muizzu presented his claim against Mohammad Saleha in the 203 presidential election. He alleged Indian Indians in Maldives The slogan of India Out was given against the presence of the army, in the Presidential election of Maldives in October, Progressive Party of Maldives i.e. PPM leaderMohamed Muizzu won the PPM alliance is known for close relations with China. At the same time, the speculation intensified that the attitude of the old President Ibrahim

s India First Policy will change and it can become a problem for India and it is also seen in the decisions of Moju, while on the other hand the government would change in the Maldives. China is in action. China has once again started pressurizing the military base in Maldives. By creating a military base in the Maldives of China, India’s tension can increase significantly and now the preparations for the visit of China’s visit to China. There is a full indication that they are getting ready to trap Maldives in China, but now India is also seen in the value of action, bringing Lakshdeep’s beauty to the world and as a tourist destination against Maldives. The attempt to stand up is being seen from this perspective, at the moment what you think about it, what is your opinion, you will definitely tell you in the comment section.

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