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There are very few Islamic countries in the world where other religions are given equal respect and this happens in every country which is constantly on the path of development. Today we are going to tell you about one such country which was earlier He was very poor but a king gave him his luck and that king was so strict about the rules that he broke his protocol only once and that too for an Indian. So who was that Indian and why did the king, who never broke the protocol, break the protocol? Did this for him? Along with the answers to all these questions, today we will also listen to a very interesting story and at the same time we are going to tell you some Facts about this country, after which you will also say that this is it, but for all this you will have to You will have to sit in Khunta Garden for more time in the video. Friends, this is the country. Oh mother, let's go together on a journey to a very beautiful country. But before proceeding further in the video, you must subscribe to our channel and yes yes, press the same bell icon. 


Oman is a country located in the south-east of the peninsula and is officially known as the Sultanate of Oman. It has three countries on its western border, United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west, and Iman in the southwest. Also, Oman stands in the north and it is now surrounded by the sea from three sides, north-east and south. The area of Oman is 3901 square kilometers and the total population of the country is around 45 lakhs. 88% of the people here live in lions. And 12% people live in villages. The capital city of Oman is Muscat. You must have heard the name of Muscat, which is also the largest city of the country. Arabic language is prevalent here, which is the official language of the country, although English is also used here. There is a lot of spoken caste and there is also understood caste. Friends, the most important thing that is known among the elders of this country is that Islam had arrived in Oman in the lifetime of Mohammad Saheb in the second half of the century and the History here is of revolution and victory. It is heavy with stories, from the year 15008 to 1648, there were Portuguese colonies here and this colony was built by Vasco da Gama to control the sea routes after discovering India, then after the Portuguese got the right to police pen, the Portuguese Had to go back from here and after this the Omanis killed the Portuguese from East Africa too. Friends, the basic law of Oman is based on the Islamic tradition there and according to this Islam is the religion of the state and Islamic law i.e. Shariat is the source of law. But it is not that there is any injustice with other religions here, there is a rock on discrimination based on religion and everyone has full freedom to practice their religious rites and doing so does not disrupt public order, friends in Oman. There will never be any riot in the name of religion, friend, and this reduces the strategy of taking everyone together and this is the reason why Oman is on the path of continuous development, all the people of Oman live together and The people here are very nice and talk irrespective of their religion and they mostly do not like to talk to anyone. The people here do not argue or quarrel over small matters like in Oman. There is a rule and everyone follows it very well and that is why Oman is considered to be the most disciplined country in the World, but in Oman there is terrible heat and this is the reason why one should not stay here during the day. I don’t like it, it is not possible here, most of the construction like building roads is done at night.

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There is also a community of Indian Hindus in Oman. There are two Hindu temples in the capital city of Muscat. One of the gymnasiums is more than 100 years old in Oman. There is also a Sikh community in Oman, although there is no permanent Gurudwara here, but there are temporary camps in many small Gurudwaras and are recognized by the government. Friends, Oman is the first player country which has officialized defense relations with India. Both the countries have In 2006, a joint military exercise was conducted and immediately after this, a defense agreement was also signed. Not only this, friends, the Indian Navy has berthing rights in Oman, that is, the Indian Navy’s Shiva is there, there is Tahar Shakti, relations between India and India. No, no, the history of trade between the two countries is thousands of years old.

According to the information available in Oman, there was trade between India and Oman around the 3rd century BC and later Oman had relations with the Indian states of Gujarat and the Malabar Coast. Tipu Sultan established a kingdom in Oman during his reign. At present, more than 5 lakh Indians live in Oman and this is the largest expatriate community of Oman. Indians from Oman send approximately 780 million US dollars to India annually, while on the other hand, the youth of Oman come to India for higher education. Due to the expansion of medical tourism, the number of people coming to India from Oman is increasing. Friends, there was a time when Oman was a very poor country. At that time, its conditions were worse and the living conditions of the people of this country are worse than those of the African countries. It was like that people’s basic needs were definitely not being fulfilled, people did not have food to eat and proper clothes to wear, a large population did not even have houses to live and on 23 July 1970, in a difficult time, Qaboos Bill Shahid The rulers were formed here and this Sultan brought the country of Oman out of poverty and did not even have a separate identity in the world. Till 1970, there were no hotels in this country, today there are hundreds of hotels and tourism is a major industry in Oman. The first university of Oman. Sultan’s Bus University was opened in 1986.

Sultan’s Bhoj Bin Sahit passed away on 10 January 2020 but today Oman raises its head in front of the world and says that its master goes to Sultan Qaboos. The people of Oman remember him here as the Messiah. Friends, in Oman, after becoming young, everyone is given a part of the land by the government and on this place that person can build his own house, then those people are given a house by the government, friends in Oman. Women have full freedom to vote and the women of this country also have the freedom to participate in politics. Not only this, all the women here are also doing less in C. Together they live with as much freedom as the women of Oman. Very few Muslims live in the country. If you want to buy liquor in Oman, you will have to take a license for it. Omanis are not allowed to spend more than 10% of their monthly income on liquor, which means you cannot drink liquor. The people of Oman are known as ship builders in the world and are famous as the first city of this country. If you want to see birds of three continents at one place, then reach Oman without dairy. Birds of Asia, Europe and Africa were seen in Oman. Mountain Dew is the best selling beverage in Oman and friends, it is a very good place to lose money, the reason for this is that Oman does not levy income tax, although people have to pay a small part of their earnings. Welfare friends have to be given for social security. Because the border of Oman in the south is now connected to the sea, hence there is a huge decline in fish farming here. People here export the fish to other countries, as it is very important for the economy of the country. The benefit is that in the desert area of Oman, date trees are like lifesavers and they live as long as the average age of a person. Hundreds of types of dates are available here and they also provide the delicious air of Oman. Friends, they are Maa’s Sultan Kapoor is known as a king who never broke the protocol for anyone, but there was only one such occasion in history when the Sultan broke the protocol that could never be broken and that was for someone else but India. Toda Award for the President of India will make you wonder who was the lucky President for whom Sultan and when did he do this? This person was none other than the former President of our country Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. Now let us listen to you the story when Shankar Dayal Sharma was welcomed. Sultan Qaboos himself had said this in 1994. Shankar Dayal Sharma had gone to the Mass while holding the post of President.

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Now generally a minister of the Sultan comes and receives him. The Sultan of Oman never has an airport to receive any foreign guest. Had gone but this time as soon as he came to know that the President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma was coming to Oman, he decided to go to the airport to receive and welcome him and took him with the driver to the airport to meet him. If you are thinking that Sultan did this because he was the President of India, then you are wrong. Actually he told that he had gone to the airport because Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma was his teacher. Yes, let us tell you that Sultan did this in India. He had studied and at that time he was studying in Pune, India. Dr. Sharma was his professor. What is that, friends? I told you that after hearing this you will also say that he really had such love and respect for his Guru. Honey should be there even if you reach the story and reach any position. Come friends, now let us take you to those beautiful places of Oman which you can see during your trip to Oman. First of all we will take you to a very beautiful city of Oman. Traveling to Muscat: You can reach Musandam by a 3-hour drive from Dubai or by a one-hour flight to Muscat. Musandam is also known as Norway of now. It is situated between the red mountains and the blue sea, which is just a finger away. It looks like a sea and separates the Persian Gulf from the Sea of Oman. The beach of Musanum has many beautiful beaches built by the Portuguese.

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The capital of this region is the Banana Palace, which is transformed into a magnificent museum. The traditional Oman Nav here looks like a wooden chariot floating on water, these have large cushions so that the long sequence can be enjoyed throughout this journey. The most fun comes when the dolphins trick in the clear blue water and peck at your boat. Because there is water all around the city of Mujadam, hence this is the best place to see many species of sea birds. On the seashore which is high. There are high rocky cliffs, on which large flocks of birds make their nests and feed their children. Friends, the first city situated in Northern Oman is called the City of Magic. There are hundreds of years old myths and superstitions here due to which This is called the magic city. There is also a 13th century fort present in the first city and this historical city is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to spend time in solitude with your partner, then go to Masi R, this is very It is a beautiful tourist destination, every year more than 30,000 turtles come here ready to lay eggs. On the other hand, there is also a port here. During your trip to Oman, you will definitely visit Mud Village. Located in the central part of the country, this village is one of the rare old villages that have been settled. Here you will find stone buildings in various shades of nude and full color and apart from this, you will see colored tiles in the same V Seeds of Oman, it will be fascinating for you, it really looks very beautiful, this is the desert area where Bedouin people live. And tourists can taste the nomadic Oman culture here. Friends, it is not very difficult to go to Oman from India. Yes, once you get the visa, you can reach Oman in a journey of 2.5 to 3 hours. The average price of a flight ticket is around 15000. And there is facility of direct flights from India to Muscat and Salah Raha of Oman.

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