Devara (2024): Poster Review, Time, Reaction

Devara (2024): When it comes to the biggest upcoming movies of 2024, one of the names is definitely Deora. Well friend, first of all tell me, is it Devara Part 1 (2024) or what is Deewara, or am I pronouncing it wrong, whatever, please tell me whether it is Devara (2024) or Deewara, but for now I will consider it as Devra, so Bhai Saheb, whatever is the biggest upcoming film of 2024, whether it is Bhai Kalki or not. Be it Pushpa 2, Singham Again or Singham Returns, Devra’s name is definitely one of them, who is the lead star in it? Of course, brother NTR, whose last film was Triple R. Let me tell you about his acting in Triple R. There is no need to know how that acting was, what if he got an Oscar, I don’t think that NTR has received as many awards from RRR as from any other film, yes or no brother, I told you the day before yesterday. Told about brother-in-law also. A lot of information was given by making a video, but today you know that it is the first date of January 2024 and the makers of Devra have released a new poster of their film Bhai Saheb. You guys can see the poster, first of all know the color grading of the poster.

Devara (2024)

I don’t know why I felt like I was a cartoon type, I felt like I was watching a cartoon, seriously I’m not kidding, I know, the genre of this Devara (2024) movie is very unique, What is unique, that is the special thing inside the sea which I like very much. I have been hearing a lot about the water sequence, water sequence means there is a fight sequence inside the water, what level is it, I am very excited to see it, so guys, these guys just released the poster Which is the best thing. , He is definitely NTR. Bal Bhai Saheb is standing on the ship wearing a shirt. This is the same hairstyle that Triple R had. So the makers have basically released the poster and announced that the first glimpse of Devra, you guys can also call it teaser, these guys have released it. This release date will be on 8th January, I have told you two-three days in advance, so for such updated videos, please subscribe to Bhai Saheb channel for updated news. Now brother, this film will be released on January 8. There will be glimpses and I am very excited. Now the interesting thing is that the music director of this film i.e. Anirudh has already seen its glimpse and according to him there is a lot of buzz about it and I too brother am eagerly waiting for it. That brother, how is the world of Devra going to be because according to the news, we will be shown the world of Devra inside this Glims, now see the view of this world, it is very amazing, you know we have just seen the world inside Salaar and also inside KGF. .

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I had seen the world, that is, all the big films coming from the South have their own world, tomorrow has its own world, brother, so I am hopeful that this world of Devra will give us amazing buzz, brother. I just feel like brother, look, I’m not trying to say it’s a small movie Devara (2024), I told you it’s one of the biggest movies of 2024, I just don’t know the director, I Why is there doubt on this director, how is NTR of this film? There is no doubt, brother, he is next level, leave it to him, screen presence, action brother, it means that boy is a judge in everything, select director Koratala bhai sir, I don’t know I Whether or not you’ve seen any of these his movies before, but brother. This film is a completely unique film for Koratala. He himself had told that the way he has made this film, I have not made any such film before, but now what he has to make is visible to us in teasers etc. or glimpses. If you guys know better about Kotla please let me know. Now friends, its glimpses will be released on January 8. It will be released at the same time around 11:00 am. I have a lot of expectations from this film, let’s see what happens next, let me tell you brother, the release date of this film is 5th April 2024, which means overall, it is not far from today brother, four months after this. It will be released, you people will say that so soon means early and the interesting thing is that there was no delay in the shooting of this film, NTR did the work which had to be done as per the fixed schedule, so brother, it will be released now. It remains to be seen whether this film will be released or not, how the film will turn out and this will tell us a lot in Glims, we will definitely give a review plus feedback of Glims.

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